Behaviour Therapy


BRAE Therapi provides direct one-on-one services to a child or teenager with developmental delay by using the basic principle of Applied Behavior Analysis. It also does consultation services to families and schools within and outside of Lagos, Nigeria.

The consultation service is conducted at BRAE Therapi Centre. We can help assess your child, provide training to the family or the child’s therapist and provide you with a Folder including the child’s treatment plan, social stories, work/task sheets, and guidelines, which can be run in your home country.

We will continue to support your child’s development remotely in the area of close supervision and evaluation.
Our mission is to use evidence-based behavior analytics to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities to be independent.

For consultation services, please contact us at our said address or email us at
You can also contact us on 234 0703 876 3785 or 234 0811 026 1749 to arrange for initial consultation today ( or via skype if you are at a far distance).