Behaviour Therapy

At BRAE Therapi Centre; we offer Behavior Therapy and speech therapy to individuals with developmental disabilities and Language delays. As well as occupational therapy. Behavior therapy uses behavioral principles to increase the independence and quality of life of children with autism and their families.

Child Behavior Therapy services cover sensory Integration, social skills, communication academic, motor functioning and self-help skill such as toileting, feeding and clothing.

Teenager Behavior Therapy services include the addition of home and community inclusion, personal self-care, domestic skills, money and value, food preparation 

These skills are taught through the provision of direct instruction using the discrete trial (one-to-one) and Incidental teaching method. Behavior Therapy Session is conducted for several hours per week utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Speech-Language Development

Speech and Language Development helps an individual with autism learn to relax their throat muscles and encourages the use of breath to improve the voice through the use of oral resonance and vocal exercises. The verbal Behavior step-by-step approach provides us with techniques to help children develop language and speaking skills. As well as teaching non-vocal children to use sign language or PECS.

As we focus on reducing the problem behavior of children or teenagers with autism and related disorders, we use the Verbal Behavior approach to teach and improve their vocabulary and speaking skills. Our main goal is to teach them to speak and use functional language to interact with minimal vocal effort.