The verbal Behavior step-by-step approach provides us with techniques to help children develop better language and speaking skills. As well as teaching non-vocal children to use sign language.

We help our client develop, recover and maintain

We offer remote therapy sessions to clients at far distance through video calls. 

We source for qualified candidates based on school

We carry out community inclusion and visit different

we offer Behavior Therapy and speech therapy to individuals with developmental disabilities and Language delays. As well as occupational therapy.

At BRAE Therapi Company, we use standard assessment tools like; Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skill: (ABLLS), Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: VB-MAPP for Speech and Language Development and other screening tools such as; M-CHAT-R, ASDS and many more.

We conduct trainings for individuals willing to either

School facilitation is the process of helping a child or an individual with developmental delay to learn and integrate into the classroom activities by using ABA principles. it’s a type of therapy that works on communication, social interaction and academics.